Amway vs Vestige- Which Company To Join?

Vestige vs Amway-Which company to join-Bizdaddy

Are you in a dilemma of which company is better to join to fulfill our dream? Then relax in this article I will explain to you a complete analysis of best direct selling companies of India ie. Amway vs Vestige.

According to many experts, the businessman and economist network marketing industry will be the future. But many Ponzi schemes had also come into the Indian market & the government of India has banned them almost.

There are lots of direct selling companies in our India like Vestige, Amway, Modicare, etc. But when we initiate to associate with them we got confused about which will be better for us. So in this article, I will compare each & every parameter of both companies.

Here are some parameters we will compare in both companies:

1.Joining Fees

2.Product Quantity

3.Products Price

4.How old is a company (Age of company)



7. Testimonials:

1.Joining Fees:

Amway: Joining fees to associate with Amway is 6000 – 8000. Including this company will provide you IBO ID and product kit of your choice.

Vestige: You can join the vestige business & you will get a distributor ID free of cost. But to activate that distributor ID you want to purchase 30PV (1000-1200 rs) products of your own choice.

2.Product Quantity (Range):

Amway vs vestige - product price comparision-bizdaddy

As we know products are the backbone of the direct selling industry. If the products are good and have a wide range then it is a higher possibility that the distributor will retain more and give more turnover. Let’s compare the product range of both companies.

Amway: For the Indian market Amway has 140 different products.

Vestige: Currently vestige has 300+ different products.

Key points: So if you tell the prospect to change their kitchen products to their companies products it very easy for the prospect to use vestige products because of the wide range, on the other hand, In Amway prospect will not able to change their shop or kitchen products with just 140 products.

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4. Age of company:

This is also a most important factor before associating with a direct selling company. Talking about both companies age:

Amway: Amway was founded in 1959 (61 years)

Vestige: vestige was founded in 2004 (17 years)

5. Management :

Vestige management vs amway management-bizdaddy

A direct selling company is a combination of leadership & management.

Both are one of the best factors when we are joining any company.

Few question we want to know about companies management:

Is company management has open communication with leadership?

Do they care about their distributor’s income?

Do they have direct communication with their distributors and 

Talking about the leadership and management vestige has better management than Amway.

6. Payouts:

Talking about distributor’s payouts, vestige gives more handsome payouts to their distributors. Due to accumulative marketing plan distributors break their pins very fast.

While Amway doesn’t provide accumulative points to their distributors.

7. Testimonials:

  1. Shree SP Bharill (Ambassador of Vestige): An emerald director from Amway who associated with vestige in 2016 and now earning approx 60 lakhs per month. He also leads the best education system called as Winning Team System & this system has brought a lot of transformation in people’s life.
  2. Anoop Gupta: Former distributor of Amway & joined vestige in 2017 and with winning team education system within 2 years he became DUCD and acquiring a handsome income of 20-22 Lakh per month.

And there are lots of stories of leaders from Amway who got associated with vestige & winning team education and now living a life like a celebrity. 

Conclusion: So if you in a dilemma to join which organization then I will highly recommend you to join vestige. As we all know vestige has always proved to be the best direct selling company with its CAGR, Turnover, Payouts, and management of the organization. 

Obviously, Amway is far older than vestige gives high payouts to their distributors. 

Join vestige business with a winning team education system!


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