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Business plan of vestige-bizdaddy

If you have already started to do vestige business & want to explain the business plan to your prospect also if you are a reader who wants to start this business, but before starting we want to understand the business plan of vestige.
Then in this article, I will explain to you step by step the vestige business plan.
But before that please take out your copy or diary to note some important points regarding this business.

I am assuming you are my prospect & I want to present you with a Vestige business plan so that you can also start this amazing business.
Without wasting time let’s start!

Starting Of Vestige Business Plan:

Why & how to start vestige business-vestoige business plan

When you think of doing any business your WHY & HOW should be clear.
Means WHY you want to do business?
HOW can you do business?
But relax in this business your How is clear, our team will help you to do vestige business.
Nowadays people are searching for a business which they can do part-time Or by doing work from home or which requires minimal investment.
If you are also thinking of the same then you are in the right place. In this article, I will show you a business plan for a company that gives you the opportunity to do start your business at home.

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We all know that “Time is money”. Just like, you have invested a time to read this vestige business plan. Every time has its value and by investing time in your growth of the company you are getting paid.

Image Credit: Winning team

A line from a famous American industrialist JP Getty “I had rather have one percent of the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent of my won efforts”

In this world for wealth creation, we have a lot of opportunities like Steel industries, IT companies, and many other companies.

The famous businessman and author Robert Kiyosaki had given a cashflow quadrant of 4 ways to generate income.

Image credit: winning Team

In the above figure, For an employee who is working in a company “Time is Money” individual works 9 Hr & he gets money for his 9 hrs of work.
Also for a self employee like Doctor who owns a job “Time is Money,” he also works as per time.
This type of income is called active income. You want to be physically present get money out of the system.
On the right side, we have business owners and investors.
For business owner system makes money and investor money makes money. This type of income is termed as passive income because we don’t want to present in this business we create a system and the system is driving money.

Let’s take the example of giants companies like Mc Donalds, Patanjali, and Bata. All companies have created a system in the form of a franchise. They have given thousands of franchises across the countries.
Let’s assume one franchise accidentally got closed for one day, Does their business get to stop? The answer is no! Because they have created a system in which thousands of franchises are working for driving the growth of their business. They belong to the right side of the quadrant.

If you look closely to the cashflow chart, we see that
95% of the economy is on the right side and 5% is on the left side of the quadrant. Whereas 95% of the global population is one left side while 5 % of the global population is on the left side.
In nutshell! Only 5% of the population of the world is enjoying passive income.
But the interesting thing is that we all want to jump to the left side of the quadrant but 3 things stop us. ie

  1. Investment
  2. Risk 
  3.  Experience

But after this article on a business plan, you and I can walk from the right side to the left side of the quadrant.

Wellness Revolution-vestige business plan

If you read books like rich dad poor dad and “The wellness revolution”
The wellness and IT industry will be the future.
As per the paul Szene Pilzer pillar “Of all the entrepreneurial opportunities available today, one of the most important is direct selling called network marketing”

What is network marketing-vestige business plan

There are lots of misconceptions in network marketing like Door to door selling, forced selling.
But real Network marketing is all about word of mouth marketing (Referral marketing), and sharing experience.

Referral scheme -vestige business plan-bizdaddy

You know what there are lots of applications like Facebook, WhatsApp & Instagram that you have downloaded by word of mouth marketing. Once a time your friend told his /her experience in using this app.
But before entering in direct selling industry you have some due diligence like:


2.The Company Profile

3. Compensation Plan


The world is changing & businesses are going to the online. There are lots of giant companies of world that are running there business online.

Online businesses -vestige business plan-bizdaddy

OLA & UBER does not have its own Taxi, Swiggy that does not have its own restaurant, BYJU’s that does not have its own classroom.

So all the business are going online, my question is are you online?

Do you have any business idea that provides you passive income?

Here are some online business ideas, that can makes you billionaire

Online business that gives passive income-Vestige Business plan

If you don’t have any idea, don’t worry!

Here I have one opportunity for you where you can earn passive income.
The opportunity is consumer empowerment opportunity(CEO).

Daily essentails products-vestige business plan

CEO circles around the word ie change your shop. This is the 1st step to do this business. Because the world is changing. Some expenses are fixed like toothpaste, soap, detergent, dry fruits, and pulses.

Not only daily uses products but vestige provides healthcare products like supplements.

CEO is helping to convert your expenses into investment.
Your monthly expenses can become your monthly investment.
Vestige allows you to do this. Vestige is present in countries like India, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Thailand, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Nepal and Srilanka, Oman, Saudi.

The name of company which provided consumer empowerment opportunity is Vestige.

Vestige vision and mission -Vestige business plan

A vision of Vestige: “To help people live a life of economic independence on their terms”
A Mission of Vestige: “To grow to a global scale and become the benchmark in direct selling”

You can download certain apps like Pos, vestige best deals, etc, This app will provide you an all the information.

Regular trainings session of vestige- Vestige Business Plan

Vestige provides regular training sessions across India and all international outlets.

That means you are not alone in this business company leaders will provide you training to grow business.

This company has opened in 2004 and survived for 16 years means that we are shaking hands with the right company.

How Can We Start Vestige Business?

Vestige Joining Form- Bizdaddy

Fill the vestige joining form which is Free & you will get a unique distributor ID.

Benefits of distributor ID

  1. 10-20% Discounts on MRP
  2. 10% of products free on purchase
  3. You buy products of 3000rs consecutively for 4 months then at 5th month you will get a product of 2500FREE (consistency offer)
  4. Shopping =points =calculation money credited to your BANK

Yes! This will be credited directly to your Bank. 

Now the question is how a shop can give us money?

Let’s take the example of toothpaste having cost 50 Rs. You know what this toothpaste has manufactured at only 20 Rs, but before reaching to your nearby shopkeepers it comes from the hand of retailers & wholesalers & cost get increased. 

This toothpaste also comes from one process ie advertisement & for that ad you want to pay that cost.

That’s why 20rs product having a cost price of 50Rs.

But in vestige after manufacturing of the product, this directly goes to distributor ie You! Also, you are only the brand ambassador of that particular product & thus advertisement, wholesale, and retail cost goes to your pocket.

And thus we become a smart consumer!

What is dream-bizdaddy

So if you want your dream house, dream car & make parents happy & proud.

This one platform allows you to fulfill all your dream.

For more details watch the below video:

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