How To Earn 1 Lakh Per Month in Vestige? (100% Working Plan)

How To Earn 1 Lakh Per Month in Vestige-Bizdaddy

Hi readers, Are you really tired of searching “How To Earn 1 lakh Online” “How To Earn 1 Lakh in share market” ” How To Earn 1 Lakh From youtube” and much more.

But in this article, I will tell you my favorite income stream ie “How you can make 1 lakh per month from vestige”. The best part of earning from vestige is we require a very low investment & have the potential to get recurring & passive income.

To start earning in the vestige business you want to become a distributor of vestige. You can read the below article for joining the process of vestige or just call on 7999917590/7887790031

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Firstly earning a 1 lakh per month in vestige is not a piece of cake and if you are reading this article & expecting some hacks (jugaad) type thing to earn 1 lakh Rs per month in 2-3 months so this article is not for you.

As per my experience, earning 1 lakh per month in vestige requires at least 1-2 years. So if have patience & has a business mindset then this business will definitely give you the income that you want.

To earn 1 lakh per month income is a dream for many of the people from their job or business. But to earn 1 lakh per month from vestige requires good planning & strategy.

Now let’s jump directly on a strategy to our goal!

Strategy To Earn 1 Lakh Per Month in Vestige:

Earning from the vestige is totally depends on the number of people in our network and turn over we got on a particular month.

In the network marketing & affiliate marketing business you will get an income as a commission of turnover you give in a particular month.

So if we are getting 10% of the commission on every sale happens so for earning 1 lakhs Rs we want to give 10 Lakhs Rs turnover on the same month.

For creating 10 lakhs rs turnover we have 2 ways:

  1. Creating a self 10lakhs rs turnover by selling & referring product
  2. With the help of a team of 200 people in which each one is giving 5000 Rs turnover

Which one is easy, sustainable and secure for you?

No doubt 2nd one is more secured!

Earning money in vestige is a number game. Here I will show you a strategy to earn 1 Lakh Per Month.

How To Earn 1 Lakh Per Month in vestige- A strategy for
Model Plan Structure that you can follow to gain 1 Lakh Per Month Income in vestige

The above diagram is a model structure to earn 1 lakh rs per month in vestige.

As you can see if you sponsor 6 people in this business and they also sponsor 6-6 people and if we calculate 3 levels deep then the total number of people will become 6+36+216= 258.

If all people will buy products of 4000 Rs then your turnover will become 4000×258= 1,032,000 Rs & you will get approx of 1 Lakh Rs income.

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