How To Earn Money Online Without Investment in 2022

Earn Money Online Without Investment

To date, we have completed 2 years with the global pandemic ie COVID19. In this, we learned many things like our actual wealth is our health, the importance of technology, and much more.

Covid19 not only impacts the person’s health but also affects the economy. Layoffs, business loss, salary cut down & firing from jobs got normal in a pandemic. 

With growing technology lockdown are searching one thing i.e. “How we can earn money online without investment”.  

So in this article, I have covered the 7 best online business ideas you can start without investment.  

  1. Digital Marketing:
Digital marketing-Online Business idea Without Low Investment

If you have a creative mind and you are interested in learning the growth secrets of businesses then digital marketing is a perfect choice for you to make money online without any big investment. 

Digital marketing is not rocket science but it is a simple skill anyone can learn. To learn digital marketing I will suggest you buy one good review and rating course from Coursera/Udemy or you can also learn it FREE through YouTube Channels like Neil Patel, Google Garage, Google Certificate in basics of digital marketing, and much more.

After learning digital marketing, start doing some practical work on your in-house platforms. Within 6-7 months you will get good practical knowledge but don’t stop learning because technology is rapidly changing day by day. 

After learning you can earn money online by blogging, affiliate programs, freelancing, and teaching your skills to someone. 

2. Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate markeing is good online business idea without investment

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning money (commissions) every time you promote a company’s product or services and drive a sale successfully.

The basic principle behind this is that you can earn a commission for a particular sale when you successfully refer a product.

The idea behind it is that you promote other people’s products through an affiliate network, earning a commission if people actually end up buying thanks to your marketing.

It’s based on revenue sharing. If you have a product and want to sell more, you can offer promoters a financial incentive through an affiliate program. If you have no product & want to make money, then you can promote a product that you feel has value and earn income from it as an affiliate marketer.

3. Earn through Youtube: 

How To Earn Money Through Youtube Without Investment

As per the report over 20 lakh, people are making money online through youtube. From the last 3 years, youtube claims that they had given 30 billion dollars to creators and content creators. Also, a strange fact is that among all content creators 9-year-old kid Ryan Kajji is the highest income achiever from youtube.

Here are a few ways to earn money online through youtube:

A.Become a youtube partner and earn through ad

B.Sell products or merchandise

C.Works with brands through influence and affiliate

D.Create Sponsored content

E.Licence your content through media

F.Use crowdfunding

G.Sell your merchandise

4. Become a Blogger:

Earn Money Online Through Blogging

A few years back blogging was just a hobby or an additional part-time work people do parallel with their jobs & Business but today the nature of blogging has changed.

Now after 2020 blogging has become a full-time profession & with huge income potentials like doctors, engineers, and many other professions

Blogging is nothing but a sharing of information through writting, photography & videos on websites. 

Here are Few ways to make money through blogging:

  1. Monetize your blog content

2. Create a paid membership website

3. Create a directory website with WordPress

4. Sell Physical Products Online Through WordPress

5. Become a WordPress designer or developer

6. Get employer’s attention as a blogger

5. Make Money Through E-BooK

Creating & Publishing ebook is the best way to earn money online

Creating an EBook is ridiculously Free and very easy to publish. If you are good at storytelling and good at content writing then you can earn a good income on a daily basis.

The best part of selling an Ebook is that you can sell Ebook at any price you want. Just drive traffic on a store page the more traffic you drive the more sales you get for your E-Book.

6. Digital products:

Earn Money Online With Digital Products without big investment

Digital products are intangible assets or pieces of media that can be sold online without the need for any inventory. These products can be in the form of PDF, MP3, Plugins, or software.

Digital products have many advantages:

  1. Low Overhead Cost

2. Require low cost for creation:

3. Potential To Automate

4. Flexible Products:

7. DropShipping:

Earn money online through drop shipping

When we start a business one of the key elements required is products. So how do we get products? What will be the process of manufacturing it? Where should we buy raw materials for products? Etc are some roadblocks we get when we start a product-based company.

But keeping an inventory of products, buying stocks, and struggling to get a sale is troublesome when you are dealing with products. But buy a massive amount of int in the era of the internet every solution is possible & for this, the solution is “Drop Shipping”. 

The benefit of drop shipping someone’s else product is that you don’t want to deal with the hassles of traditional business like:

  1. Storing your products ( Which is expensive to buy a massive amount of inventories & rent warehouse spent)

2. Packaging or shipping of products

Now let’s look at how dropshipping works: 

With drop shipping, you directly want to deal with wholesalers & manufacturers that means we only handle marketing.

For this, we can set up an e-commerce store & drive traffic to it for getting sales & conversions.

For better understanding you can watch the below video:


So here are the top 7 online earning ideas that you can start without investment. If you are working professional or have your own business then you can start any of this business part-time with your work.

With a good strategy, planning & mindset you will be able to scale this business at the foremost level that you want.

Make sure to comment on which is your favorite business idea from among 7.


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