How To Join Vestige & Earn? (100% Working Roadmap)

How To Join and earn Money From vestige

Firstly I like to congratulate you that you have taken the decision to associate with one the best direct selling company in India ie Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd.

To get associated with vestige business you just want to connect with our team at 799991590/7887790031 or at WhatsApp link ( ) our team will help you to create distributor ID of vestige and helps you to explain the further procedure.

Direct Selling & Network marketing is the fastest growing industry in India. The best thing is this industry has also done a double-digit growth despite pandemics. The biggest reason is that most of the direct selling companies deal with healthcare products & FMCG products.

Due to health awareness among people after pandemic wellness sector has seen massive growth.

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Another big reason for direct selling growth is that in pandemic lots of people lost their jobs & entered to direct selling to make a side income.

To become successful in the direct selling industry we need to ensure that you are joining a good direct selling company, which need to fulfill a few points:

  1. Age of company
  2. Management of company
  3. Products of company
  4. Payout structure
  5. Vision & Mission of the company
The Growth rate of vestige

I am pleased to say that Vestige Marketing fulfills all the above 5 criteria thus your career is secure after joining vestige marketing.

So still if you have not joined a vestige business then just fill out the below form & our team will help further:

After joining in vestige, now let’s jump on how we can earn money from vestige.

How To Earn Money In Vestige?

I hope you have taken the decision to join the vestige business. Now it’s very important to understand how you can earn money from vestige.

To jump on the strategy to earn money from vestige let’s understand the predominant factor of earning from vestige.

Earning from any direct selling company or network marketing company does not come from the number of people you recruit but it comes from the turnover that the team is generating.

So to generate turnover you want to do some commitment to for 1 year then you will able to earn 1, 50, 000 Rs per month.

  1. Use 100 % Products of vestige
  2. Buy products of vestige every month
  3. Take commitment from new leaders to do the same
  4. Help your downline to recruit

If you follow the above 4 steps the your team will in the following way:

1st Month: 1 (Only You)

2nd Month: 2

3rd Month: 2+2=4

4th Month: 4+4=8

5th Month: 8+8=16

6th Month: 16+16=32

7th Month: 32+32=64

8th Month: 64+64=128

9th Month: 128+128=256

10th Month: 256+256=512

11th Month: 512+512=1024

12th Month: 1024+1024=2048

So if every person makes a purchase of 60PV ie nearly a product of 2000Rs then you will earn nearly 100000 Rs per month.

Important Tip: Helps your downline to grow your business. The key to success in vestige business is to always think about your downline’s success.

Bonus for youMust watch the below video on 7 Success Steps of vestige (in Hindi):


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