How To Make Money From Instagram Reels: 9 Best Ways in 2022

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As per the report an average person spends 56 minutes daily on Instagram ie 8 months of his/her lifespan. But do you know that you can make money from Instagram just by creating reels?

Well, that’s possible! There are lots of content creators who are making money online from Instagram in 6 or 7 figures just by monetizing their skills through Instagram posts and reels.

So if you are a beginner or not much aware of Instagram let’s understand what is Instagram reels?

What are Instagram Reels?

Reels are short, entertaining videos on Instagram, where you can express your creativity and bring your brand to life. People come to Reels to participate in cultural trends, collaborate with the community and discover new ideas.

Yes!! With just 1 min or less video, you can earn money from Instagram reels.

9 Ways To Make Money From Instagram Reels:

1. Become an Affiliate Partner:

Affiliate marketing from instagram

Affiliate marketing is just a referring of products to people through our social media and we make money when someone purchases products by our reference with a referral link.

Instagram is the best platform to do affiliate marketing of products. Instagram’s new feature to add links to stories helps affiliate partners to drive traffic to products’ web pages or website.

2. Sponsored Content:

If you have a large following base who engages with you regularly, then there are high chances many brands will reach out to you for brand collaboration.

We called this strategy influencer marketing. Influencer marketing has become one of the favorite and most lucrative strategy this day.

You can charge money from the brand as per the number of videos that you will make for that brand. So this is the best way to earn money just by creating a few seconds video reel for the brand.

3. Brand Collaboration:

Brand Collaboration For Instagram

Brand collaboration is also a great way to make money from Instagram reels. It is just like sponsored content that you do for brands. But in this, a brand will send you a free product for demonstration. 

After receiving products you need to promote a product on Instagram posts, reels, or stories. This deal will act like a barter system where you will receive free products, and goodies just to promote on your Instagram.

Bonus Tip: To earn money from brand collaboration you can also request an affiliate program, where you will make money as a commission on every sale that will happen from your link.

4. Sell Your Merchandise/Products:

Sell Merchandise or Products through Ig reels

Along with promoting other products or items you can also sell your own products. If you even do not have a product yet you can do an analysis of your audience and what type of content they like and accordingly, you can craft your products.

If you still do not have any ideas then you can just sell coffee mugs or T-shirts that relate to the content that you produce.

5. Earn badges:

The Instagram badge is one of the features of Instagram monetization. Your community can support you by buying badges during an Instagram live session. Whenever a supporter buys a badge, you’ll see a heart next to your username. So, to check your total revenue, you can click on ‘view’ during the live video. Also, if you want to know your badge count, go to ‘Badge Settings’. To turn on the badge feature for your profile:

  • Navigate to ‘Profile’ and click on ‘Professional Dashboard’.
  • If your profile is eligible for Instagram monetization, you might see the option ‘Set Up Badges’.

6. Monetize your Videos with IGTV Ads:

Running IGTV ads is one of the best ways to make money from Instagram. While monetizing content on Instagram, you allow brands to promote themselves on your videos through IGTV ads. Your Instagram income will be based on the number of views, also known as ‘Monetizable Plays’. Creators will get 55% of the ad’s revenue monthly.

7. Become a Consultant:

Become Instagram consultant- Girl teaching student in laptop

If you have already cracked the code on how to grow on Instagram and earn money from it. You can provide consultancy to companies or small businesses to build their followership on Instagram.

8. Launch Your Reels Course:

Teacher teaching in online course- Student watching in laptop

After creating and uploading tons of leads you will get a lot of insights and knowledge on how to make your reel viral on Instagram or how to grow your business through Instagram reels. Accumulate all learning and teaching that you got in your journey and make a course on platforms like Kajabi, graphy, or teachable.

After creating a course you can just promote your course purchase link to your stories, posts, and bio.

9. Do Paid Workshops:

Women doing paid online workshop

There are lots of people who will think or will not make the decision to buy your course due to trust issues, financial problems, or other reasons. You can compile that course into a trailer sneak peek and use that in form of a paid workshop.

The paid workshop will cost less compared to the course. 

Suppose your Instagram reel course will be 2499 rs then you can offer a workshop just for 199 Rs.

Bonus Tip: You can also promote your course at the end of the workshop. If people find your workshop valuable they will not think more to pay you.


To make money from Instagram is not that tough and simple. You need to learn lots of things in this journey like content marketing, data analysis, content creation, collaboration, and much more.

As per my experience, it will take 1-2 years to monetize your Instagram.

Pro Tip: While creating content always put yourself in the place of the audience. What did they like? What do they hate? Sometimes audiences hate content that we like. So audience interest will comes always first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much does Instagram pay for reels in India?

Instagram doesn’t pay for your Reels directly as of now. You can only earn from the above 9 tips to earn from Instagram.

When does Instagram pay you for reels?

As per business insider: To attract more content creators, the Meta-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram is now paying bonuses of up to $10,000 to those who post videos on Reels. According to 9To5Mac, creators will now have the chance to earn up to $10,000 by posting these short videos called “Reels” as part of the Reels Play bonus program.

Does Instagram reel monetization requirements?

To be eligible, U.S.-based creators must be at least 18 years old, meet Instagram’s community guidelines and partner monetization policies, have an existing reel with at least 1,000 views, and have not yet received a bonus.

Will Instagram Pay You For Followers?

No, Instagram does not pay for followers.

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