How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos (Updated 2022)

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A few years ago, YouTube was just a channel that people used as a hobby to share their knowledge and life experience. But today YouTube has become a major source of income and people are using YouTube a source of income.

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Today, almost every person is using YouTube and nowadays, few YouTubers are making more money than celebrities. We are also a subscriber of some big YouTubers and when we saw their videos we also thought at least one time that I will also create my YouTube channel.

But few things stop us to make YouTube videos:

  1. Fear of facing a camera
  2. Don’t have enough time
  3. Shyness To Show Face on YouTube
  4. Lack of technical skills
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If these things are things that are stopping you? Then we will show you the 2 best Ideas to make money on YouTube without creating/making videos.

But before moving further, let us understand how you can make money from YouTube?

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Now let’s jump to how to make money without creating videos on YouTube?

Let me give you a fact there are lots of YouTubers earning Lakhs of Rupees per month even without creating a single video.

Ways To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos?

  1. Compilation video: As the name says, we want to make one video by compiling or mixing multiple videos that are getting a lot of views or which are already viral.

Here is a step-by-step procedure:

  • Select a niche: In simple language, the niche is an interest that differs from person to person. Example Wildlife, Sports, Motivation, Business, Healthcare tips, Vines, etc

 But the question is how to select a niche? You can do it by just checking the past searches that you have done on Google and YouTube.

  • Select a top trending video in your niche (Only Creative Common License):
Creative commons screenshot from youtube

You can just find this video by searching for a particular keyword. But here is a twist, after a search result you can filter all results just by putting a filter of “Creative common Licence”. Using this you will get a video that has permission to reupload. (Make sure only select creative commons license video) otherwise, you can see a copyright strike on your channel.

  • Editing: After selecting a video you want to mix or compile the best and top videos of your niche.

With some SEO optimization and trending content, you will see an engagement on your channel and you can easily hit the mark of 1000 subscribers and 4000 Hours of Watch time which is the criteria of youtube Monetisation.

2. Affiliate marketing videos:

Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing Through Youtube

This is the simplest way to make money without creating any video. We all know that Amazon provides an opportunity to earn money through affiliate marketing, where we need to refer an affiliated product to our audience, and from our unique link they will make a purchase, and thus we will get our commission( typically between 1-10%).

But now the question is, How can we make money without making videos:

Here is a complete procedure:

  1. Create an Amazon affiliate account.
  2. Select a niche (Electronics, Health/ Wellness, Books, etc.)
  3. Keyword research: Research keywords with help of google ads you will get an idea of what type of information your audience wants.
  4. Start Making Video: To make the video, you can just use a video of a product that the company used for promotion on their website and Amazon listing.
Amazon Product Video Screenshot For Affiliate marketing

After downloading a video from Amazon or a product website you can just present this product by giving your voice-over and this process is 100% legal because you are using a product video for a promotion, so you will not see any copyright penalty.

If your audience gets influenced by your way of explanation, then they will buy a product from your Amazon affiliate link.

Perks of Making Money From YouTube Channel:

After being consistent with your content and quality, YouTube can give you a passive income. We all know that like Google, YouTube also works as a search engine. The content we post today on YouTube will give us money tomorrow. 

 Bottom Line: 

YouTube is a great source of income, especially for people who are persistent and ready to learn new skills. We all know, but to monetize it we need to use a channel like YouTube. So my suggestions to all will be if you are someone who has some sort of skills and knowledge and wants to earn money from it? Then start creating content on YouTube from today.

For Better Understanding Watch Below Video (Hindi):


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