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In this article, you will find the complete products and price list. But before jumping to the products list let’s have a bird’s eye view of the introduction of a safe shop.

About Safe shop:

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The safe shop is an Indian Network Marketing/ Direct selling company that deals with a different range of products like spiritual, nutrition, beauty, personal care, home care products, and more.

The safe shop started on 14 th of December 2000. The directors of Safe Shopping Private Limited are Sudhir Kumar Gupta and Akbal Ali Khan.

Safe Shop Product List:

Product NameQuantityAmount
King Luther Linen Combo(fabric For Shirt Set Of 2 and Fabric For Suit Length 3.10mtrs)3.10mtrs₹7998
Miakasa Combo Of(1 Quilted Duvet, 1 Bedsheet, 2 Quilted Pillow Cover, 2 Quilted Cushion With Filler)Set and Towel Set Of 4 By Raymond₹8498
Miakasa Combo Of(1 Quilted Duvet, 1 Bedsheet, 2 Quilted Pillow Cover, 2 Quilted Cushion With Filler)Set and Healthy Morning 1jug 4 Glass Set₹10199
La Rasoi Kali Mirch100 Gms₹208
La Rasoi Sabudana 500 Gms₹225
La Rasoi Moti Elaichi100 Gms₹260
La Rasoi Dalchini Sabut 100gms Pack Of 2100 Gms₹310
La Rasoi Mixed Fruits Jam 1kg1 kg₹320
La Rasoi Turmeric Powder 200 Gms (pack Of 3)200 Gms₹345
La Rasoi Jeera 200 Gms (pack Of 2)200 Gms₹360
La Rasoi Fresh Tomatoes Ketchup 1ltr (pack Of 2)1 Ltr₹380
La Rasoi Lal Mirch 200gms (pack Of 3)200 Gms₹390
Miakasa Mogra Scented Jyot (121pcs) With Plastic Box121 Pcs₹399
La Rasoi Dhaniya Powder 200gms (pack Of 3)200 Gms₹405
La Rasoi Dhaniya Powder 200gms (pack Of 3)200 Gms₹405
Miakasa Safe Magic Dishwash Bar(300gmsx4pcs) Pack Of 2300 Gmsx4 Pcs₹432
Hugs And Cuddles Baby Massage Oil₹449
Haoma Koff Kare Syrup Duo₹474
Haoma Livocare Syrup Duo₹476
Haoma Herbal Toothpaste (100gms) (pack Of 3)100 Gms₹477
La Rasoi Fusion Of Flavours Handpicked Tea 500gms500 Gms₹480
Haoma Herbal Soap Pack Of 6pcs6 Pcs₹480
La Rasoi Kismis500 Gms₹490
Haoma Digestion Organic Bilwa By Sri Sri Tattva₹499
Hugs and Cuddles Baby Moistursing Cream₹549
Hugs and Cuddles Baby Shampoo₹549
Hugs and Cuddles Baby Body Wash₹549
La Rasoi Extra Premium Basmati Rice2 kg₹550
Hugs and Cuddles Baby Body Lotion₹599
Hugs and Cuddles Baby Diaper Rash Cream₹599
Haoma Stress RelieverOrganic Ashwagandha By Sri Sri Tattva₹599
Miakasa Organic Pure Cow Ghee Jyots100 Pcs₹599
Miakasa Safemagic Detergent Powder2 kg₹600
La Rasoi Premium Tea1 kg₹610
Miakasa Votive Candles4 Pcs₹650
Scotch Moda Tie By Grado₹699
Mia Kasa Go Green Use And Grow Stationary Combo₹699
Haoma Spirulina Immunity Capsules100 N₹699
Haoma Pure Badam Nirgundi Herbal Massage Oilpack Of 2₹750
La Rasoi Garam Masala200gms, pack Of 2₹770
Haoma Mulberry Day And Night Cream Combo₹798
Haoma Apple and Argan Shampoo Combo₹800
Haoma Apple Coniditoner and Argan Conditioner Combo₹800
Mia Kasa Sambrani Cupspack Of 60pcs₹800
Haoma Chandan Herbal Moisturising Lotionpack Of 2₹810
Haoma Neem Shikakai Herbal Vitalizing Shampoopack Of 2₹815
Haoma Garcinia Cambogia100 Caps₹849
La Rasoi Cow Milk Ghee1 Ltr With Plastic Box By Sri Sri Tattva1 Ltr₹850
La Rasoi Kaju500 Gms₹850
Haoma Vitamin-c Tablets100 N₹899
Haoma Chyawanprash By Sri Sri Tattva₹899
Haoma Baalposh Herbal Chocolate Drink500gm (pack Of 2) By Sri Sri Tattva500 Gm₹930
Haoma Joint Pain Capsule100 Caps₹949
Haoma Bhringraj Brahmi Herbal Hair Tonic Oilpack Of 2₹950
Miakasa Clear Gel  Air Freshners Set Of 66 Set₹960
Haoma Neem Turmeric Facewash, Scrub And Mask Combo₹960
Haoma Bae Body Mist Deodrant Unisex135 ml, pack Of 3₹975
Haoma Reload1 kg₹980
Haoma Charcoal Face Wash, Scrub and Mask Combo₹996
Zeno-sling Bag₹999
Scotch Moda T-shirt By Grado₹999
Haoma Herbal Foaming Facewash150ml, pack Of 2₹1098
Miakasa Dev Aradhana Pooja Thali Ss₹1200
Haoma Bone Health100 Tabs₹1250
Safe Air Protection Maskpack Of 10₹1250
Haoma Liver Health100 Caps₹1278
Stivali Leather Wallet In Wallet₹1299
Haoma Pain Oil Trio₹1299
Miakasa Magic Kitchen Set2magic Baskets,1 Magic Peeler,1masalabox₹1499
Haoma Amla Tulsi Syrup₹1527
Haoma Aloe Vera With Kesar And Green Tea₹1542
Haoma Diaba Care500ml, (pack Of 2)₹1690
La Rasoi Cow Milk Ghee 2 Ltr With2 Plastic Box By Sri Sri Tattva₹1700
Safe Rider Safety Helmet₹1700
Miakasa Towel Set By Raymondset Of 4₹1899
Brunswik Fabric For 1 Trouser and 1 Shirt3.45 Mtrs₹1980
Mia Kasa Copper Bottom HandiSet Of 3₹1990
Mia Kasa Double Wall Serving Bowlset Of 2₹1990
Immunity Booster Pack By Sri Sri Tattva₹1997
King Luther Linen Fabric Duo Set (1.6mtr/each) Set Of 2₹1999
Haoma Spritual Series Sacred Book Showcase Pinewood Stand₹1999
Stivali Formal Leather Belt₹1999
Zibaldi Fabric For 1 Trouser and 1 Shirt(3.45 Mtrs.) Vimal₹2090
Mia Kasa Tiffin (3 Containers)3 Containers₹2100
Mia Kasa Belito Casserole Double Wall3500ml₹2100
Mia Kasa Splash Water Dispenser 5litre5 Ltr₹2250
Stivali Park Avenue (tie,cufflinks, Pocket Square) Gentlemen₹2299
Scotch Moda Loafer Faux Leather Shoe (black)₹2300
La Rasoi Royal Selection₹2437
Haoma Hair Fall Control Serum₹2499
Zeno Sun Glass1 Pcs₹2599
Zeno Diaper Bag – Blue Color₹2995
Laranya Lavanya Saree By Vimal₹2999
King Luther Western Checks Linen 1 Shirt₹2999
King Luther Casual Mandarin Print 1 Shirt₹2999
Zeno Jeans By Grado₹3000
Haoma Spiritual Knowledge Series Gyan Vajra₹3195
Haoma Spiritual Knowledge SeriesWisdom Flute Signature Edition₹3195
Miakasa Panch Pooja Thali 5pcs Gold Pvd₹3199
Hugs and Cuddles Baby Essential Hamper₹3294
Scotch Moda Esercizio Sports Shoe₹3299
Scotch Moda Atleta Sports Shoe₹3299
Haoma Noni Premium (1000 Ml) (pack Of 2)1000 Ml₹3306
Haoma Fairness Kit 200gm (pack Of 2)200 Gms₹3398
Haoma Weight Gainer 1 Kg1 kg₹3400
Laranya Lavanya Ladies Suit₹3599
Miakasa Healthy Morning 1 Jug 4 Glass Set(copper)₹3600
Laranya Lavanya Banarsi Pallu Saree Maroon₹3699
Haoma Whey Protein Mango 1kg1 kg₹3700
Talking Ted₹4299
Mia Kasa Rajwada Thali Set₹4499
Me Myself Blossoms FashionAnd Festive Pack Of 2 Long KurtasPack Of 2₹4990
King Luther Badhaiyan Kurta Pyjama Bundi Set₹4990
Stivali Jumanji Exclusive Leather Shoe Tan₹4999
Stivali Jumanji Exclusive Leather Shoe Black₹4999
Stivali Rafael New Buck Leather Shoe₹4999
Miakasa Bedsheet By Raymond  Set Of Two₹4999
Vechetti Fabric Suit Length By Grado Blue₹5500
Vechetti Fabric Suit Length By Grado Black₹5500
Vechetti Fabric Suit Length By Grado Beige₹5500
Vechetti Fabric Suit Length By Grado Grey₹5500
Vechetti Fabric Suit Length By Grado-light Beige₹5500
Zibaldi Fabric Suit Length By Vimal-grey₹5599
Zeno Watch₹5790
King Luther Cool And Casual Set Of 2 Linen ShirtsSet Of 2₹5998
King Luther Fabric Suit Length By Burgoyne₹5999
Miakasa Dinner Set Double Wall 46 Pcs46 Pcs₹6300
Miakasa Complete Linen (1 Quilted Duvet,1 Bedsheet, 2 Quilted Pillow Cover, 2 Quilted Cushion With Filler) Set₹6599
Miakasa Kitchen Essential CookwareSet Of 3 Cookware And 3ltr Cooker3 Ltr₹6600
Miakasa Royal Tea (2 Bowl 6 Cup Set)Gold Pvd On Stainless Steel₹6600
Laranya Lavanya Bridal EmbroideredLehenga Choli With Potli Purse (magenta)₹6990
Laranya Lavanya Bridal EmbroideredLehenga Choli With Potli Purse (maroon)₹6990
Stivali Dr Watson Leather and Tweed Shoe₹6999
Euro House Learn and Speak English₹6999
Miakasa Store Safeset 4 (pcs)stainless Steel(19ltr,25ltr,32ltr,milkcan 4.5ltr)₹7000
Magic Mom and Baby Pack₹7788
Euro House Smartstar Bookset – Multilingual₹9100
Haoma Spritual Knowledge SeriesSampoorna Hanuman₹11800
Safeair Room Air Purifier₹12490
Haoma Spiritual Knowledge SeriesBhagwad Gita Signature Edition₹12800
Miakasa King Dinner Set (24pcs)Gold Pvd On Stainless Steel24 Pcs₹12930
Miakasa Dinner Set Double Wall 82pcs82 Pcs₹14000
Miakasa Hexacut Combo (kadai,tawa,frypan)₹14990
Scotch Moda Premium Woollen BlendSuper90 Suit Length By Raymond₹14999
Miakasa Laser Dinner Set72 Pcs₹15900
Mia Kasa Cookpot Combo4 Ltr, 6 Ltr₹15990
Safetravel Luggage Set3 Pcs₹17900
Miakasa Monarch 11pcs Triply Cookware Set11 Pcs₹18230

So here is a complete product list of the safe shop. If I missed any product then please feel free to mention it in a comment.

Safe Shop Product List PDF:

Safe shop product PDF Link: Click Here To Download PDF

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a safe shop an Indian company?

The safe shop is an MLM /Network Marketing Company. It is a legal direct-selling company that was started in January 2011 & registered under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Is a safe shop direct selling company?

Yes, the safe shop is a direct selling/ network marketing company.

To get more products information handy, here is a link to Safe shop products:

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