Is Vestige Real or Fake? Explained in Detail & Proof.

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Vestige is a 100% genuine company that is certified and fulfills all the guidelines published by the “Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public distribution as guiding principle of state governments to regulate the business of direct selling( DS) Multilevel Marketing.

Know more about the Direct selling guidelines of 2016.

If you had read the guidelines you can clearly see that the vestige is fulfilling all the guidelines that are proposed by the Indian Government. Also, the Indian government had mentioned that company who are doing money rotation or financial scheme under direct selling they are banned and illegal.

Vestige Journey:

Gutam bali -Vestige Founder-How to join vestige-bizdaddy
Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd Director. Mr Gautam Bali

Vestige company was launched in the year 2004 by Mr. Gautam Bali with just 4 products and 2 Offices after 17 years this company has an annual turnover of 3000 crores, 335+ products ad 5000 DLCP, DCC (Offices).

Have a look to the certificate that vestige has:

  1. Great Place To Work
  2. Has featured on DSN’s global 100 list for the fifth consecutive year, ranking 36th in year 2021.
  3. National best employer brand 2020
  4. Global HR Excellence awards
  5. National best employer brand award 2018
  6. Best nutraceutical company of the year award in 2017 & 2018
  7. India’s Best Company of the year 2017

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Vestige Products:

Honestly speaking as most people says that vestige products are costly and have a cost above average but if we compare the quality of a product with a different brand no brand can beat its quality.

As my personnel experience, there are lots of brands that gave me benefits like ASSURE hair Oil controlled my hair fall completely, MACHDRIVE Nanoenergiser exclusively available for vestige products increases the mileage of my bike up to 20% and reduced vibration, and my favorite one spirulina capsules which keeps me energetic and completes quota of vitamins, minerals, a protein that is required for my body.

Vestige Achievers:

Many people think that in vestige they are not getting succeed but if we talk about every business or exams few people get success those who had done hard work, followed a proper strategy and planning. Likewise in vestige, individuals get succeed who will do hard work, who has a strategy, education system, and guidance.

Here are some achievers journeys:

1.SP bharill:

A leader from Amway started a career in vestige in 2016, right now he is earning above 1crore per month also awarded as a Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi award for a most admired person in India.

2. Anoop Gupta:

A sales manager of a pharmaceutical company who was in debt of 10 So lakh by doing vestige business 2 year he is earning 17-20 lakh per month.

So if you are interested to start a vestige business to accomplish your dream then

Here is a complete Joining Process for Vestige Marketing. or Just call/ Whatsapp on 7999917590

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