Vestige Sharp Air purifier – Good or Bad?

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Protect your home from the invisible killers!

Vestige brings you SHARP air purifier.

Improve the quality of air indoors and creates a safe environment for our family.

MRP: 19500 Rs. Net Content -1

Who can use a sharp air purifier?

-Professionals who want to practice safely

-Professionals who want to practice for longer hour

-People who want to protect their family from deadly viruses (Including COVID-19) and other air pollution.

-Those who are patients of respiratory diseases like sinus, Asthama etc

Current Problem:

Picture credit: Webmd

Due to the coronavirus, 3,487,062 died to date and most of the countries have already announced a health emergency.

In this article, I will not explain to you what is a coronavirus, the death number, the recovery rate, or what the government is doing to control the death rate.

When COVID19 was started in India in Feb 2020, we all thought that this can spread through the human touch but as per the above report covid, 19 viruses have become airborne.

Also, research says that indoor atmosphere is more harmful than outdoor information, because as we all know that indoor atmosphere is more polluted because it did not get a proper ventilation.

The indoor environment gets polluted by different:

  • Dirt particles
  • Dander
  • VOC’s from paint
  • Mold
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Dandruff
  • Many more…..

Talking about the professionals as per Dental Counseling of India (DCI), they had launched new guidelines to reduce aerosals from the workplace.

Picture credits:

Paper cut news on how the dentist can reduce aerosols in the workplace through HEPA Filter.

As the paper cut of the newspaper says that why HEPA Filter is essential for dentists to reduce aerosols from their workplace.

Now let’s talk about the technology available in the market to reduce aerosals:

1.Plasmacluster ion Technology (Only available in SHARP Air purifier)

2. ION Generator

3. UV Light

4. Photo Catalytic

From above all plasma cluster ion technology from the SHARP air purifier has only certified proof that this technology can kill 99.97% of viruses (including coronavirus), bacteria, and fungus.

How Plasmacluster ion technology works?

Where To Buy Sharp Air Purifier:

You can buy a sharp air purifier from a different e-commerce website or applications like Amazon, Flipkart, or Snapdeal with a 1000-2000 Rs product lesser but from vestige, you will get 3 years on-site warranty with 10% product retail discount, 10% products FREE, and 8% cashback on your bank account.

For more details, you can contact us on 7999917590.

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