5 Business You Can Do in Lockdown


As we all know WHO has announced coronavirus as a pandemic. Many countries such as Italy, the US, Spain, etc are facing the worst scenario.

Almost all the countries had declared a lockdown, likewise, India’s Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji has announced lockdown for 21 days.

As we hearing that there are many service sector companies that had decided to deduct their employee’s salaries, manufacturing companies stopped their production, and also labor who works on daily wages are suffering a lot. 

So, the questionaries “Is there any part-time business we can do by sitting in the home during a lockdown? “ and my answer is YESSS!!!

In this article, I will show you 5 best less-investment businesses you can do in this lockdown period which helps you earn up to 15000 Rs in a month easily.

So if you are ready I am too!

1.Blogging –

Blogging-Home based zero investment business-bizdaddy

Blogging or article writing is a flourishing business of this era.  

Don’t worry! This business is not as big as the name seems.

Firstly you want to create a website by purchasing a domain and hosting, after that with the use of WordPress you can easily build your website.

Also, you only require information about a particular niche (category) such as fashion, grooming, sports, technical, marketing, etc and just start writing articles on your interested topics. After writing some amount of articles you can monetize (earn money) your website by selling products related to your niche. 

2.Consumer Empowerment Project-

A business that does not require any skills, age, education or gender.

If you are a college student, housewife, businessman or mice of a private organization who wants to come out from a rat race then this business is only for you. 

Lots of people & organizations such as OLA, OYO, Patanjali, BATA, etc has become a billionaire by doing this business.

Wait! You don’t want to open a shop or hire hundreds of employees, in fact, you want to sit at home and work with your team for only 1 hour a day.

Passive income-zero investment -Home business

This skill has a potential which gives you an opportunity to earn passive income and can earn up to 1 lakh per month or unlimited income. After two years of working it will provide time freedom, money freedom and royalty (Income will transfer generation to generation).

Still, confused & wanted to know how it works?

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3.SEO Consulting-

seo-consultant-home based -business-bizdaddy

 SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the best strategies in online marketing. In short, SEO is used to increase the visibility of a website on the search engine. 

For Ex- If you search on google “best digital marketing agency in Mumbai” then google suggests you lots of agency websites, but you will visit or click on the website that ranks on the top.

There are some key points such as link building, keyword research, title and description optimization that you want to do for SEO.

So what you want to do?

Just learn these skills in a few weeks & search for clients on different platforms such as fiverr.com, LinkedIn and other freelancing websites.

This skill has a potential from which you can make 10,000 Rs from one client.

4.Graphic Designing:

graphic-design-home-business-zero investment

As all the companies started marketing by switching traditional to digital. They started posting information on social media to engage or communicate with their audience. Posting on social media requires enticing graphics that are created by a graphic designer.

What you want to do is just install software such as adobe photoshop, illustrator, Figma or Adobe XD on your Laptop or PC. After installing you can learn graphic designing through Youtube, Udemy, and Coursera.

After learning you can start your agency or freelancing and make a lot of money.

5. Selling Online Courses-

Selling-online course-zero investment-business

Do you have any skills? Like digital marketing, public speaking, communication skills, personality development or any other skill. Just make a course using a tool like Camtasia and publish on Udemy to sell. If fortunately, your course got popular then you can earn a passive income.

So are you ready to generate passive income in this lockdown period?

“So don’t be a thinker, just be a doer”


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